All homework submissions are electronic and must be in PDF (text) or .ipynb (code) format **within a .zip file. Formats such as .docx and .pages will not be accepted.**

To ensure proper grading, all homework must be submitted via email to bi1.caltech [at] gmail [dot] com with the following filename:

  • lastname_firstname_hw#.zip containing the files lastname_firstname_hw#.pdf or lastname_firstname_hw#.ipynb for problems requiring code along with any images used in the .ipynb file.

If you are writing your entire homework in the Jupyter notebook, you may submit the .ipynb file directly along with any images that you are embedding in the notebook (images being and pictures other than plots) in your email. In this case, you do not need to submit a PDF.

The subject line of your submission email must have the following format:

  • [Homework #] Submission of HW# for Firstname Lastname

For example, a submission for the first homework set would be submitted by email with the subject line [Homework 1] Submission of HW1 for Barbara McClintock. The attachments would be McClintock_Barbara_hw1.zip containing the files McClintock_Barbara_hw1.pdf and McClintock_Barbara_hw1.ipynb as well as any image files used in the .ipynb document.

Any submission not abiding by this format will not be graded!


If you are interested in challenging the way your homework was graded, you are limited to 2 challenges total over the term. If you ask for a regrade, your entire homework will be subjected to the same high level of scrutiny you have requested for the problem you feel has not been graded properly. This could result in a net reduction in your grade on that particular homework if your previous graded version on other problems gets “overturned”. Your regrades may also be used for grading of improperly submitted homework.

To submit a regrade, email the name of the assignment you would like regraded to bi1.caltech [at] gmail [dot] com with the following subject line:

[Homework #] Homework Regrade Request for Firstname Lastname


Homework 1 | Biogeography. Due April 13, 2017 by 1:00 pm. [data set][solutions]

Homework 2 | Trophic levels. Due April 20, 2017 by 1:00pm [solutions][jupyter notebook]

Homework 3 | Evolution. Due April 27, 2017 by 1:00pm [solutions] [jupyter notebook]

Homework 4 | Population Genetics. Due May 4, 2017 by 1:00pm [solutions] [jupyter notebook]

Homework 5 | Photosynthesis. Due May 11, 2017 by 1:00pm [solutions]

Homework 6 | Gene Expression I: Theory. Due May 18, 2017 by 1:00pm [data set][solutions]

Homework 7 | Gene Expression II: Experiment. Due May 25, 2017 by 1:00pm [Garcia and Phillips 2011 data file] [image data set]

Homework 8 | The Body Plan. Due June 1, 2017 by 1:00pm [images ] [Gregor et al. data]

Homework 9 | Physical Limits. Due June 8, 2017 by 1:00pm