Homework sets, accompanying data, and solutions will be released here as the course progresses.

Before submitting an assignment, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the guidelines for homework submissions and the tutorial on using Google Colab. Any submission that does not completely adhere to the guidelines will not be graded.

Remember that the use of generative AI tools is prohibited unless otherwise specified.


Homework 1 | Migrations. Due April 11th by 11:59pm. [problem set]

Homework 2 | Biogeography. Due April 18th by 11:59pm. [problem set] [code template] [island frog data] [mainland frog data]

Homework 3 | Evolution. Due April 25th by 11:59pm. [problem set] [code template] [ggt_beheregaray.fasta] [ggt_caccone.fasta]

Homework 4 | Population Genetics. Due May 2nd by 11:59pm. [problem set] [code template]

Homework 5 | What is Life? Due May 9th by 11:59pm. [problem set]

Homework 6 | Gene Expression I: Theory. Due May 16th by 11:59pm. This set does not require code, except for an optional extra-credit problem (and a few where code isn’t necessary, but may be helpful). Hence there is no template notebook this week. If you decide to submit code, please include e.g. a screenshot in your submission. [problem set] [RNAP_matrix.txt]

Homework 7 | Gene Expression II: Experiment. Due May 30th by 11:59pm. Note that you have an extra week to work on this set, to allow for extra computational help if needed. [problem set] [code template] [image dataset] [lacZ_titration_data.csv]

Homework 8 | Estimates. Due June 6th by 11:59pm. [problem set] Optional for seniors.